Aracaju was suggested as the headquarters of SINAFERM/SHEB in 2013. Confirmed in 2015, the capital of Sergipe State, will host the XXI SINAFERM and the XII SHEB.

The capital of Sergipe, Aracaju, with an indigenous name origin that means Cajueiros das Araras (Cashew trees of the Parrots). A planned city, built around the Sergipe and Poxim rivers and bathed by the Atlantic Ocean granting the city with more than 6 kilometers of beaches. Not only by the famous Atalaia beach, but Aruana, Robalo, Naufragos and Mosqueiro beaches. With dark and warm waters, they are a perfect invitation throughout the day. The 630,000 inhabitants take pride in living in the capital for best quality of life in Brazil, which can be experienced by the joy of the people and their kind hospitality.

The SINAFERM/SHEB will take place at the premises of University Tiradentes (Universidade Tiradentes) at the Farolândia Campus from September 3 to 6, 2017.