Full manuscripts sent to the XXI SINAFERM and XII SHEB will be evaluated by the scientific committee and may be suitable for publication in the journal yet to be confirmed.

The submission of full manuscripts will be made exclusively by the symposium website until 04/20/2017.



1. Molecular Biology and Applied Systems Biology to Bioprocess

2. Biotechnology in Pharmaceutical Production

3. Biotechnology in Food, Beverages and Cosmetics Production

4. Modeling, Instrumentation and Control of Bioprocesses

5. Microbiological Processes

6. Enzymatic Processes

7. Processes with Cells of Higher Organisms

8. Recovery and Purification of Bioproducts

9. Environmental Biotechnology

10. Biorefinery: Biomolecules and Biofuels

SHEB 1. Pretreatment and Fractionation of Lignocellulosic Material

SHEB 2. Processes of Enzymatic Hydrolysis of Biomass



1. In the space reserved for the summary, copy and paste the summary of your manuscript.

2. Upload the complete manuscript in the space provided (.DOC or .PDF files with a maximum of 12 Mb).

3. The complete manuscript should have to minimum of three (03) pages and a maximum of four (04) pages.

4. The scientific manuscripts may be written alone English language, according to the instructions in the template.

5. Registration as an undergraduate allows 1 (one) manuscript submission in which you need to be one of the authors.

6. Registration as a graduate student, teacher or professional allows the maximum of 2 (two) manuscript submissions, in which you need to be one of the authors.

7. Manuscripts should be submitted using the form available on the website. Manuscripts sent via e-mail will not be accepted.

8. Manuscripts that do not follow the symposium template will be rejected.

9. Approved manuscripts must be presented as Posters or Oral Presentation. The list of approved manuscripts, place and time guidelines for the presentation will be published on the event website.



1. Oral Presentations

The manuscripts to be presented at oral sessions will have 15 minutes allocated time followed by 5 minutes of questions.

The presentation must be in MS PowerPoint format.

Presentations should be delivered to the Symposium Media Desk in advance (it is recommended to deliver the presentation prior to the presentation).

Presentations can be delivered orally in English or Portuguese, but we ask that the presentation slides to be written in English.

2. Poster

The posters should be written in English and must have a maximum of 1.20 x 1.00 meters (height x width). The format of the poster, color, font size, etc., is at the author's discretion.



1. Manuscripts and concepts are of the author’s properties and may not express the views of ABEQ.

2. The authors accept that ABEQ has full rights of the manuscripts submitted, and may include them in the annals, print and disseminate them, without payment of any type of compensation.

3. The manuscripts will be evaluated by invited reviewers by the Scientific Committee of the event and only the accepted manuscripts will be presented and published in the Symposium Proceedings.

4. The Scientific Committee reserves the right to refuse and/or request review of improperly written manuscripts, not under the established guidelines, with misspellings or with no scientific coherence.

5. After the evaluation, the result will be sent by to the authors via e-mail.


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